We have several options to help your organization meet its fundraising goals.
Sell Car Wash Tickets
Raise the funds you need, by selling car washes and earn 25% of all the money raised!
Meet your fundraising needs with no liability. WIth each sold carwash coupon your organization raises money. Don’t sell all of the carwash coupons? No worries, just give them back, making it a liability free fund generator! 
Qualified Candidates for Speedi Car Wash and Fuel Fundraising and Charity Program
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Located in Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Local Schools
  • Churches
  • Youth groups


Send in a written request to info@speedicwf.com or fill out the request FORM.


Fundraising with Speedi Car Wash & Fuel

***Note we only have so many fundraising weekends available, we may not be able to fill everyones request. However, if you were denied a fundraising opportunity this year you will be considered for the following year if you are still seaking funds for your organization.